The Dancing Fools
love, light & dance power  

Our Dance


Every Wednesday night! (except for the third Wednesday of each month)

8:00pm-9:00pm  - West Coast Swing Lessons

9:00pm - 12:00am -  Dance


Cambridge Masonic Hall

1950 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, MA 02138

How Much?

Lesson & dance: $10

Student rate (w/current student ID): $5

The Lessons

We have up to three lessons going at a time, ranging from the "never-danced-before" beginner, to the "I've got my basics" dancer, to the "give me more tricks" dancer! 

Our Teaching Fools

Marcus Schwarz

Willow Colson-Wall

Dylan Bushe

Sarah Demers

Nicole Budreau

Madison Morgan

Kyle LaPatin

Neal Klein 

Alli Reese

Gregory Schneider 

Our House DJ's: 

Willow Colson-Wall

Joe Mahoney

Neal Klein

Adam Berman

Kyle LaPatin

The Venue

Stay tuned for a full write-up about our wonderful new home!

Occasionally, some of the biggest names in the dancing fool profession come to play, like Robert Cordoba, Chuck Brown, Angel Figueroa, Demetre Souliotes, Stephen and Sonya White, Patty Vo, Michael Kielbasa, Nick King, Malia San Nicolas, Tara Trafzer, Ryan Crutcher, Bonnie and Jerome Subey and more! 

Many local teachers such as Rob Glover, Roberto Corporan, and others also join us regularly!

"Dancers are the athletes of God"
- Albert Einstein
Get Directions To:
1950 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge MA 02138